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Things got crazy at lady foot locker today 😅


Anonymous asked: what are some of your favorite tumblr pages you follow? awesome blog :)

Thank you! My favs are:

bobbbi5294, gretzky, lemme-holla-at-you, 35-24-35, court236, instagram-girlz, luckywelivecalifornia, mydailyfitspiration, vogue-pussyxo, sophiadevito

A bunch others too, I can’t really think of em all. Just check who I reblog from :)

Anonymous asked: do you and your bf ever fight? how do you resolve the fights?

Sometimes, but it’s over really dumb stuff like visiting eachother hahaha like I’ll get upset if he can’t stay as long as I want him to or if he can’t come see me.. just dumb little things like that or if I wanna do something but he thinks it’s illogical (aka rent hotel rooms, take vacations, etc. lol) but never really bad arguments. When were texting it’s hard to resolve them bc we give eachother attitude that we wouldn’t give in real life, but when were together its hard to stay mad at each other lol. I don’t really have advice on how to resolve them bc most of the time they just resolve themselves cause it’s nothing serious in the first place so we just say sorry n we love each other and then its just over haha

Anonymous asked: Kayla Itsines bikini body guide is a little confusing. what do you do on tues thurs sat? Do you add cardio to Monday wed fri? How many times do you complete the circuit for each day? It doesn't seem like a long enough work out

I know I was confused at first too. Tues, Thurs, and Saturday are for LISS (which would be like low intensity cardio like walking, jogging, running, whichever you prefer) Monday, Wed, Friday are dedicated to the workouts she gives.

The workouts she gives are meant to be 28 minutes long, you are supposed to do 4 circuits for 7 minutes each (28 mins total) … Circuit training is like repeating the specific exercises given in the circuit for a given amount of time (in this case its 7 mins). So circuit 1, you will run thru the 4 exercises until the 7 minutes is up, then do the same thing for circuit 2. And then you do the same thing again (circuit 1 & 2 for 7 mins), which equals 4 circuits. From doing them I realized 7 minutes is pretty much running thru a circuit twice, so I just do circuit 1 twice, circuit 2 twice, then circuit 1 twice again, and circuit 2 twice again. I know it’s kinda confusing lol but hopefully this clears it up for you!!

Anonymous asked: whats your nationality?

Mostly Irish, English, Ukraine and like a bunch of other things but idrk I’m kinda a mut lol

Anonymous asked: whered you get the pink swim suit? So cute <33

It’s my sisters actually.. But it’s from VS 😊😊