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Anonymous asked: You seem like a bitch lately (in a nice way). Is everything ok!??

Hahahaha yea everything’s fine I just get annoyed when ppl judge me and assume things that they just “feel like I think” and “think that I think” something about myself. How can YOU think that I think I’m into myself (for example) Like no, you don’t know how I feel about myself or what I’m like 😒

and supposedly confidence is a good thing to have, but if I have it, it means I’m obsessed with myself




Anonymous asked: You're def one of those girls who knows they're really pretty but pretends to not be into yourself or have confidence but if you didn't have confidence in yourself you wouldn't take so many pics of yourself bc ppl who are truly insecure wouldn't even think about taking pics of themselves

I don’t pretend to be anything. I’m starting to have confidence but I’m really not that into myself. Feel free to unfollow me or jus don’t look at my tumblr cause I don’t really need ur input thanks tho



Anonymous asked: Does your bf care if you and your ex are friends

No he’s fine with it


following back all blogs x